PostHeaderIcon Vivian Maier: A Mystery Inside an Enigma

What began as a tantalizing mystery is now being transformed into an industry. I refer to the curious case of Vivian Maier, the reclusive, North Shore nanny who, since her death in 2006, has gained posthumous acclaim as a great… Read more

PostHeaderIcon Behind the Museum Doors

rijksp1010743In 2003, Amsterdam’s famed Rijksmuseum, home of Rembrandt’s iconic canvas, “The Night Watch”, along with priceless Vermeer paintings, closed for a total renovation of the 1885 building designed by Pierre Cuypers. Everyone was excited by the audacious new design by… Read more

PostHeaderIcon “Rusalka”: A magical adult fairy tale and Lyric Opera triumph

I spent four hours last week immersed in a dark forest, frolicking with water nymphs and I didn’t want to return to this mortal plane once it ended. That’s how captivating a musical experience it was. I’m speaking of my… Read more

PostHeaderIcon Two Photographic Superstars Side by Side in New Exhibit

Editor’s Note: My interview with the director of the Block Museum of Art and the curator of its newest exhibit appeared online in Crain’’s Chicago Business on January 15th.

A museum exhibition pairing Edward Steichen and Andy Warhol may seem… Read more

PostHeaderIcon My Two Best Holiday Presents

On this, the twelfth day of Christmas, as I look back over the past holiday season, I recall two superb performing arts events best. Each–a chamber music concert and a play–sparked a surge of holiday spirit with their gifts of… Read more