PostHeaderIcon Editor’s New Year Resolution

Dear Reader,

As a new year breaks, I am making a resolution (which I hope will not be broken). If you have visited over the past six months, you realize that my usual biweekly appearance has been sporadic at best.

While I have regretted this circumstance, my defense is that I have been otherwise occupied with a happy flood of paying articles for several Chicago publications, primarily the Chicago Tribune’s Printer’s Row Journal. I also was chained to my desk for over two months boiling a friend’s long manuscript down to manageable length.

The book project is complete and my schedule is lighter so I am happily returning to the blog, which begins its fourth year next month. I hope you will return often as I resume my former publication schedule making you aware of Chicago’s rich artistic bounty.

May you enjoy an equally abundant New Year. And please share word of Arts and with friends so its readership grows.

Tom Mullaney–Editor

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